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Create an impact with Via Call Web

Web conferencing is the perfect communication tool for small, medium and large companies due to its versatility. With the ability to share video, images and documents, you can create the impact on your audience you are aiming for.

Via Call Web has a number of features including:

  • Registration: Add RSVP services to events in an online form with email confirmation options
  • Secure entry: With password protection and other security options, ensure only invited guests access your material
  • Interaction: From screen sharing to voting options and audience question and answer sessions
  • Analytical reporting: Keep an eye on usage reports with real-time analytics
  • Archiving: Keep your presentation in an online archive for 90 days for future viewing

Present to thousands around the globe

Professionally present your message to conference members around the globe with Via Call Web’s webinars and webcasts. Stream live audio and video in your webinar or simply play your pre-recorded presentation with firewall-friendly, Via Call Web.

With our conferencing tools, you can transform your presentation into a dynamic, engaging and interactive webinar.

Custom-branded webcasts and webinars

The Via Call Web interface and online registration pages can be custom-branded with your company colours, logos and fonts to create a comprehensive impact on your audience.

For a free quote or a trial of Via Call Web, contact us today on 0845 258 110

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