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Customise your conference with Via Call Meeting

Via Call Meeting is a clever tool that enables you to create seamless audio, video and web conferencing collaborations for your meetings. Share documents, talk face-to-face and make the professional impact your clients and colleagues have come to expect from your company.

Just some of the features of Via Call Meeting include:

  • Sub-conferencing: Allow members of your meeting to branch off and discuss specific issues whilst you continue with the main conference
  • Screen and document sharing: Control what everyone sees with this useful screen sharing option
  • Video chat: Make your conference or meeting more personal with video chat. Members have the option whether they would like to turn on their camera or not
  • Single sign-on and automatic dial-out: Join your meeting or invite people with just one click
  • Personalised cards: Keep late comers up to date with who’s in the meeting, who’s talking and who’s sharing documents
  • Quick start-up: With calendar and contact integration, and online scheduling, create your meeting in no time
  • Mid-meeting invites: Half way through your meeting and decide you need another colleague’s input? Invite them without delay with mid-meeting invites

The easy way to create collaborated conferencing

Via Call Meeting is user-friendly and easy to deploy as it is cloud-based, meaning little to no IT support. Only the presenter needs to have access to the platform. It is also highly compatible with a number of browsers and operating systems, including Windows, Mac, Solaris, Internet Explorer, Chrome and Safari.

Ask a member of the Via Call team about the Via Call Meeting free trial or purchase it today by calling 0845 258 110.

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